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My Rage My Love My Life (2017) began as the story of one Green Day fan with equal amounts of passion and stupidity: I've slept on streets, sold everything I own, I once took an Uber from Kraków to Prague and I've seen them 47 times.

On these adventures, I've met fans of all ages, from all walks of life. Some are seeing the band just once, others 50, 200 times. Some will camp in sub-zero temperatures for front row, others prefer assigned seats. No matter how different we are, we all have something in common: we love Green Day. The photographs I've taken are no longer about just me, but all of us.

Accompanying the images is a book of fan-written stories, We Are Revolution Radio, about what the band means to them. Together they document a devoted community that deserves to be understood as more than a teenage phase; and this documentary comes from the rare perspectives of the fans themselves.

My Rage My Love My Life, a documentary about Green Day fans, on exhibition in England

My Rage My Love My Life on exhibition in Falmouth, Cornwall

We Are Revolution Radio: a Collection of Green Day fan stories edited by Maria Gloria Harvey

We Are Revolution Radio book

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