Photos: Bay Area, 2020

Being inside so much has made pretty pictures seem extra pretty. So I'm editing and sharing some from my pre-corona trips that I hope people will enjoy, starting with my most recent trip to the Bay Area in January 2020.

City Escape in Sonic Adventure 2 is based on these streets of San Francisco. I am not leaving next time without a photo of me pretending to be skating down a hill on a plane wing.

San Francisco streets

I didn't go to either of the bridges this time, but I don't know about you – mundane photos of America fascinate me for some reason!

Albany, CA streets

Not so mundane photos are also cool, like this sunset at Lake Merritt.

Sunset over Lake Merritt, Oakland

And this one at Berkeley Marina...

Sunset at Berkeley Marina

...Which is also pretty in the day.

Berkeley marina

There were lots of interesting shops in San Francisco's Chinatown, but I only took a photo of this one. I also got to (only a little bit) practice my Chinese, which I've now mostly forgotten since I filled my pandemic-weary mind with science and Pokémon fanfiction.

The Rodeo-San Francisco Refinery makes for some interesting 'random desolate civilisation' photos if you're into that which I, being a photography graduate and post-apocalypse enthusiast, of course am.

This San Francisco street was cute, too.

Tree-lined San Francisco street

Lake Merritt is always pretty.

Lake Merritt and Oakland skyline

A less traditionally pretty picture, but this is a 'very Oakland' photo to me.

Oakland, CA streets

This post would be incomplete without a photo of Christie Road. By the way, if you're looking for my tour of the Bay Area's Green Day landmarks, that's here: part 1/part 2.

Tracks at Christie Road (Green Day song)

It wouldn't be complete without the Fox Theatre, either!

Fox Theatre Oakland

Finally, I took this photo of the UC Berkeley Campus before I went back to the airport.

UC Berkeley Campus

I've always loved this stuff, but the mundane has become even more interesting and beautiful since being stuck inside for all this time.


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