Photographing one of the world's biggest Green Day collections

This year I’ve had the privilege of photographing one of the world’s biggest collections of Green Day records and memorabilia. It’s gradually being revealed on Instagram and Tumblr. So far, I’ve spent over 250 hours shooting it, but we’re unearthing more items all the time. As 2018 comes to a close, I’d like to share 10 of my favourite items, some of which haven’t yet been revealed.

Warning vinyl in green with black flecks

Warning was released three times on green vinyl, one with black flecks on Reprise, and a solid green and later neon green on Adeline. This is the Reprise pressing and I think the most interesting. The black flecks and shade of green are most reflective of the album’s actual colour scheme.

Shenanigans Chilean cassette

I have a soft spot for cassettes. They died out during my childhood but I never threw out my little stack of them. This is a particularly interesting one, being an album I don’t often see on cassette and coming from Chile.

1000 Hours pink sleeve

There are only a few of this in existence. Larry Livermore ran out of green paper as demand for the EP increased, so he used the spare pink he had on hand instead. I bet he never thought his accidental printing would become an overpriced collector’s item.

Walking Contradiction orange promo CD

An underrated song on a neon orange CD, with a logo that doesn’t match the era but adds to its charm.

¡Dos! limited edition Hot Topic vinyl

More neon orange. Probably Green Day’s most hated album, but it’s my second favourite. What better than that endearing colour scheme on a pretty record with some of my favourite songs? I even have one of them tattooed on me.

Woodstock and Much More bootleg CD

Woodstock audio with interesting ‘album art’ and rare photos I’d never seen before. There are all kinds of weird and wonderful bootlegs in this collection but the art definitely makes this one stand out.

American Idiot on red and black swirl vinyl

This limited edition vinyl, another Hot Topic exclusive, is just stunning. I’d never actually seen the vinyl insert until we opened this and it’s a new way of viewing the iconic artwork.

Japanese top hits 2000 sampler

These compilations are boring to a lot of people, but I love seeing all the weird and random stuff Green Day have been part of. This one isn’t that random, but it has a rare photo and includes Minority, a song not often seen on compilations.

The Network’s Money Money 2020 on rainbow splatter vinyl

This Adeline Records repress in yellow, red and green is too pretty not to share. It was repressed in a few different colours but this is my favourite. Of course, The Network have no relation to Green Day whatsoever.

Taiwanese 21st Century Breakdown CD

I’ll get excited about any variation of my favourite album of all time. This one is especially a novelty because I’m currently learning Chinese, though.

I’ve loved shooting this and I can’t wait to dig out the rest. Don’t forget to follow @greendaycollection on Instagram and Tumblr for more every day!

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