More illustrations from my sanity-preserving Pokémon fanfic

I've mostly stayed inside and worked from home for well over a year now. I would definitely have lost what little sanity I have long ago without burying my head in the sand, AKA writing Pokémon fanfic. Yeah, socially it's embarrassing, but it's fun! At least I'm keeping myself occupied and creative. When I finally stop writing Pokémon fanfic and return to my fantasy novel, which is the reason I bought my drawing tablet, I'll be a much better artist to illustrate something that's actually important.

I was still finishing the story before Bloodstone when I wrote my last post. Azurite is my current one. I can't believe I've written so much, so quickly without totally failing on my planetary science course. I say 'without totally failing' despite actually getting some great grades in science because... I'll get there with maths one day, but that day is not today, which is why I just used my calculator to add up the word counts of Bloodstone (153,315) and Obsidian (188,437). It's 341,752, by the way.

So what is actually going on in these stories? Here's the blurb for Bloodstone:

When failed actress Chalcedony gives up on the neon lights and crowds to challenge the Orre League, it isn't just the champion title she's after. She's discovered she was adopted under strange circumstances. Her biological family must be out there somewhere in Orre. By setting out on a Pokémon journey, she hopes to somehow find them, but she doesn't even know their names or what they look like. They might not recognise her. They might not want to see her.

Even so, if she finally finds herself in her homeland, she'll be happy. There are certainly people in Orre waiting for a self-proclaimed 'tough girl' like Chalcedony, but not all of their intentions are good...

Surprise, surprise, my fascination with the Dark Side of Fame™ rears its head even in my Pokémon fanfic! Back in primary school, a teacher noticed that when I wrote stories, all of my characters were named after rocks and crystals. As you can see, I'm still doing it (chalcedony is a mineral, as is bloodstone, a variety of chalcedony). The teacher thought I was high maintenance but I'm actually just really into planets and things that come out of them. Here are some more illustrations from Bloodstone.

Obsidian is the sequel to Bloodstone. What's going on in that one? Here's the blurb:

Ardos, Cipher's Grand Master, is in jail. Over 20 years have passed since Snag Machines and the Purify Chamber were needed. A land where the sun outshines the gale of darkness seems too hostile for evil to thrive.

When two International Police officers go missing on a routine investigation, it's down to the grandchildren of famous Trainers - from Wes to Leon to Courtney - to investigate. What they find is the opposite of the peaceful Orre they thought finally existed. No-one knows how long Ardos has been out, but there's a Ditto in his cell. He isn't, however, Grand Master. He's forced to give up his title to a master manipulator whose code name mocks his brilliant reputation: 'GoD,' or 'Gale of Darkness.'

The Ditto in the cell may not be canon, but it's one of my favourite evil team moments. Some illustrations from that story...

Azurite is yet another sequel! It follows a new generation of Pokémon Trainers on their journey in Orre, with some Pokémon Ranger cameos.

Six Gym Challengers navigate a post-Cipher Orre... or at least they think it's post-Cipher.

These aspiring Trainers are from wildly different backgrounds. One was about to complete her Pokémon Ranger training in Fiore when she saw her first battle on TV: Orre's Champion Jamie winning the World Championships. Two are descendants of Battle Legend Blue. Another carries the legacy of the Pokémon HQ Lab as the granddaughter of Professor Jovi Mesquite.

They don't just have each other to beat. There are 30 Gym Challengers in total and they're not the only descendants of famous Trainers. The most challenging obstacles, however, will be themselves.

Here come the illustrations!

And finally, some original characters I've designed from all three of these stories. Most of them are descendants of famous Trainers. Can you guess who?

And if you enjoyed these drawings and want to read the stories, I recommend reading them in the following order to avoid spoilers:

You should definitely read them. My mum approves.

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