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Photos: Nottingham, 2019

Appreciating the mundane includes appreciating my hometown, right? The ghost of my 14 year-old emo self will be screaming at that, but actually, Nottingham can look alright on camera when you forget you're sick of looking at it.

Also, in case you missed it, the last instalment of mundane photos was from the Bay Area, 2020.

Coloured houses Nottingham

I discovered these coloured houses which are as pretty as the similar streets in Bristol.

The Flying Horse Arcade was apparently established in 1483. I only know that because I zoomed in to the photo.

Flying Horse Arcade, Nottingham

This is a very 'English suburbia' photo.

Nottingham streets

As a kid I always enjoyed the mosque's green roof when the bus passed. I guess it says something about coming from St. Anns when a green roof is exciting.

I took a pinhole camera photo of this street in college. It was the only one that came out. A Dr. Martens box was not a good choice.

Commerce Square Nottingham

The colonel is watching you.

Nottingham streets

The green bin is really the highlight here.

Nottingham streets

If you asked me what Nottingham looks like, I'd have to show you this photo, because everyone who knows Nottingham knows this bit outside the Vic Centre.

Nottingham streets

My driving instructor asked me if rain is ever good for photography because he expected it not to be. It can actually make everywhere look a bit more interesting at night.

Nottingham streets at night


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