Photos: Tijuana, Mexico, 2017

I didn't plan to go to Tijuana, but when I went to see Green Day in Chula Vista in 2017, I couldn't afford to stay in San Diego. So I stayed with a lovely Airbnb host called Roberto who showed me how to make a smoothie and shared stories of his late wife and daughters. I just wish I spoke better Spanish so I could've appreciated more of his stories!

Tijuana, Mexico at night

Roberto's neighbourhood was beautiful.

Lomasdoctores, Tijuana, Mexico

I took an Uber downtown, but if I'd had time (and it hadn't been so hot) it would've been nice to walk.

Tijuana streets
Sunset over Tijuana streets

The Avenida Revolución is the tourist centre of Tijuana. I got a Green Bay Packers hoodie-thing in one of the tourist traps.

Tijuana streets at night
Tijuana streets at night

Roberto warned against boarding the Greyhound in Tijuana, so I got on at San Ysidro across the border instead.

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