Photos: Tijuana, Mexico, 2017

I didn't plan to go to Tijuana, but when I went to see Green Day in Chula Vista in 2017, I couldn't afford to stay in San Diego. So I stayed with a lovely Airbnb host called Roberto who showed me how to make a smoothie and shared stories of his late wife and daughters. I just wish I spoke better Spanish so I could've appreciated more of his stories!

Roberto's neighbourhood was beautiful.

I took an Uber downtown, but if I'd had time (and it hadn't been so hot) it would've been nice to walk.

The Avenida Revolución is the tourist centre of Tijuana. I got a Green Bay Packers hoodie-thing in one of the tourist traps.

Roberto warned against boarding the Greyhound in Tijuana, so I got on at San Ysidro across the border instead.


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