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New Project: Suburbia

I've always been fascinated by streets and houses. Not just the pretty ones, but the dodgy council estates as well. Like, what's going on here? Who lives here? What kind of stories would they tell? How do people express their personalities through their residences?

These aren't the kinds of photos I usually publish, so I've never pursued it as an actual project, but I've always taken the photos. When I felt uninspired at uni, my mentor challenged me to take 10 photos a day, no matter what they were. I took photos of random streets and houses. I actually still love these photos... and I miss Falmouth and wish I'd taken more 'boring' photos.

Even when I go abroad, I enjoy my photos of suburbia as much as my photos of tourist attractions. You can get a better feel for the place you're visiting by experiencing suburbia there.

I don't know how many people actually share this fascination, but I'm going to start sharing my photos of suburbia anyway. I finally passed my driving test last month (a huge deal for me!), so I can really go exploring now. Even if you're not interested in the concept, if you want to know what England really looks like, you might enjoy these photos.

It's difficult to say what makes a good or bad photo when they're all 'boring.' A street that's fascinating or beautiful to me might be boring and ugly to you. So instead of just making a project of a selection of photos, I'll share them all in blog posts, although I've made a project page for my favourites.

I also post these on Tumblr and Instagram, if you're interested.



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