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The Metropolis is a fantasy novel I began writing in 2017. Video games I played as a child were a huge inspiration, so these pixel art illustrations of characters and locations from the novel are a homage to that.

Novel blurb

Across the Elter Ocean is a city of dreams: the futuristic, liberal Metropolis.

In the mountainous region of Zirdia, disillusioned Rui Taris has just dropped out of college to pursue a career in the sport of Vorboarding.

Lala Roszi is a part-time garbage collector, part-time musician, fighting to succeed in a world where women are seen, not heard.

Both dream of leaving their outdated homeland for the glittering lights of the Metropolis.

As their fates intertwine, their dreams come alive. Yet neither the city, nor the Vorboarding tournament are what they seem.


Rui and his friends are left questioning all they have ever known as things spiral out of control. What are Lala’s real motives? Who is the mysterious Kima? But most of all: what secret are those glittering city lights guarding?

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